Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

All the prices of the products displayed are all excluded shipping fees. Orders will only be processed when the payment is made. No adjustments shall be made once the payment has made nor when the product is delivered. The website may contain inaccuracies due to some typographical errors or out of date information regarding prices, shipment, payment or refund policy. We hereby reserve the right to update or cancel any orders that caused by this.


Product information and availability:
All the photos of the products displayed reserve the copyright which is strongly prohibited to be copied . Measurement of the product will be provided, however, it may have 1-3cm difference from the stated measurement due to different measurement or batch production. Products may also show some contrast from the photos displayed due to the difference of monitor resolution. Company has the right to delay dispatch of orders due to stock availability.

所有显示产品的照片一律严禁复制,本网站将提供产品的尺寸以提供参考,然而, 它可能会因不同的测量方式与器材或批量生产而有1-3cm 的误差.另外,由于电脑与手机解析度的不同,我们已经将照片与实物的颜色调近,色差显示也许会有些差异。此外,我们同时也保有因库存情况而延迟订单的权利。

Purchase and cancellation:
All the orders will be automatically cancelled without any prior notice if the payment was not made within time frame given. It should also be noted that company has the right to remove/ reject the order due to stock availability. Customers shall bear the responsibility to check the status of the products before they make the order. No refund, cancellation or exchange after transaction is made.


All operations are operated through an authorized payment platform, GHL. We will not be liable for any technical errors which may occur during the process of payment, nevertheless, we attempt to give our very best to work with you and GHL to reach a reasonable resolution.

我们所有的支付操作都是通过合法的支付关网,GHL进行. 此外,我们将不会对支付过程中所出现的任何技术错误承担责任,然而,我们将会试图尽我们最大的努力与您和GHL达成一个公平的解决方案。

Pre-ordered items will be charged in full as soon as the order is placed. Delivery charges may apply to all pre-orders unless otherwise stated. Customers will receive a confirmation email with further details for their purchase. Pre-ordered products will be dispatched within 2 working days once the products availability is confirmed. Items are estimated to be received within 5-7 working days after dispatched. Orders placed Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be processed on Monday morning. During times such as holidays and big sales events, orders may take a bit longer to ship out. Jinz Wardrobe reserves the right to delay dispatch in the case of unforeseen circumstances. Payments are not refundable and items cannot be exchange or cancelled after ordered is placed. Orders without any payment made will be automatically cancelled. For customers who expect immediate delivery of pre-order items and cannot conform to the pre-order timeline, we highly recommend not to place order to prevent frustration and misunderstanding in the future. Your understanding and consideration in the timeline arrival and deliver would be greatly appreciated by us.

一旦订单被处理,预购商品将必须收取全额费用。每个预购商品都会收取运费,除非另有说明。除此之外,公司将会通过电子邮件寄出有关的购买细节与详细资料。一旦确认所预订购产品的存货状况,产品将在2个工作日内送出,并预计将在5-7个工作日收到。凡周五,周六和周日下的订单将于周一上午进行处理。此外,如节假日和大型促销活动的期间,订单可能需要更长的时间运出。 我们将保留延迟派遣的权利。一旦订单被处理,如果要取消订单,恕不退款。任何在限定时间内未付款的订单将自动被取消。如无法在估计时间内或急需商品者,我们强烈建议不要下订单以防带来各种不必要的问题。您的理解与体谅,本公司将不胜感激。

Out Of Stock:
Due to Our stock selling fast, do kindly check with us about the stock availability before you start making an order to avoid disappointment. There will be no refund allowed on the lack of stocks after payment has made . However, you may choose another item (s) for your replacement.